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How to Turn More Callers into Customers

Callers into Customers

A certain order needs to be followed to turn occasional callers into customers with the call answering process. The first impression through the customer service and the approach that the receptionist for instance adopts in conversing with the caller can be the deciding factor for their purchase. Consequently, one must begin with a pleasant greeting. […]

What is a Multi Channel Call Center?

What is a multi-channel call center?

A multi channel call center performs the same role as that of a call center, except that this software platform incorporates many different ways of communication. For example, voice messages, texts, live calls, email, social media, etc. The support or sales agent in a multi-channel call center can therefore take any route of communication. More […]

How to Reduce Customer Churn in 2024?

How to reduce Customer churn in 2024?

Customer Churn refers to customers switching their preferred company based on certain products. By definition it is the percentage of customers that stopped using your company’s product or service during a certain time frame. Accordingly, its objective calculation is as follows: divide the number of customers lost during that time period by the number of […]

How to Assure Quality of Call Answering Service?

How to assure quality of call answering service?

Quality of call answering service simply refers to, ensuring that the call service is in accordance with business standards and consistently delivers high-quality service. A call answering service means that the interaction between a client and the business occurs virtually through a phone call. In order to leave a lasting impression. It is vital that […]

How Does Outsourcing Help Scale Companies?

How does outsourcing help scale companies?

Scaling a company essentially means expanding it by growing operations and boosting revenue while preserving efficiency and profitability. In the extremely competitive markets of today’s time, expanding a business can be a serious challenge. Outsourcing in this context becomes one successful method of doing so. Outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring an external agent […]

Call Answering Vs Live Chat Service

Call Answering Service Vs. Live Chat Service

In an increasingly digitized world, businesses are continuously exploring new avenues to enhance customer communication and satisfaction. Among the plethora of options available, call answering services and live chat services have emerged as popular choices for businesses looking to provide timely assistance and support to their customers. While both channels aim to facilitate communication, they […]

How to Train Remote Employees?

How to train remote employees

Remote training entails the practice of initiating, cultivating, and elevating the competencies of your employees from afar. It includes learning of various sorts from different platforms. It allows the management and training of people without ‘location’ limiting accessibility. In that sense, it is also time-saving because the focus is directly on the material and content […]

3 Books For Small Businesses Success

Books for Small Businesses

Every business starts from somewhere and something, from the smallest of the garages to the largest of the buildings. For every single entrepreneur, founder, and innovator books are a meaningful help towards success. For instance, reading books based on studies and guidelines by professionals can teach you about many work issues that might have been […]

Top 3 Trust Signals for Ecommerce brands

Top 3 Trust indicators for e-commerce brands

Indicators or components on a website or inside an organization that support the establishment of credibility, dependability, and trustworthiness with prospective clients or users are known as trust signals. These signals play a crucial role in shaping user behavior, particularly about revealing personal information or making judgments. Top 3 Trust Signals for Ecommerce Brands Trust […]

Etiquette Tips For Web Chat Support

Etiquette tips for web chat support

A live chat experience is much more relaxed than a traditional phone call/email. Correspondingly, a friendly and somewhat casual greeting allows to creation of an emotional connection between the customer support and the customer. It adds a personal touch at the very beginning of the meeting and sets the tone for the rest of the […]