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Who Uses Virtual Receptionists and Why?

Virtual Receptionist Services

As companies are expanding nowadays the need for virtual reception is increasing. A virtual receptionist is as important for your business as your logo or services. Whether in-person or virtual, a receptionist is the first-ever person a customer or client encounters. Who Uses Virtual Receptionists? Different sectors use virtual receptionist according to their needs. A virtual receptionist generally helps to:

  • Answer the phone with your business name and a tailored response
  • Direct callers to the right line
  • Transcribe calls and send them to your email
  • Send callers to voicemail
  • Nurture leads and enter caller details
  • Schedule appointments
  • Filter spam and bot-callers to save your time

Here is an overview of the sectors that use the services of a virtual receptionist and why.

Real Estate

In the real estate sector, timely communication is the key. The real estate sector uses virtual receptionists to manage inquiries from both sellers and buyers. They help in directing calls to the departments and right agents as well as coordinate property viewing. With the use of a virtual receptionist, every client receives the proper attention and details.

Law Firms

With advancements in technology and an increase in the inflow of clients in legal practices. Law firms have also integrated the use of virtual receptionist in their systems. A virtual receptionist helps in submissions for record requests and scheduling consultations with clients.

Financial Institutions

The role of a virtual receptionist is crucial in financial institutions such as banks, credit card companies, private loan officers, and financial consultants. Virtual receptionists help track the status of account balances or payments, activate credit cards, process payments, manage account information, and direct calls to the correct representative.


Healthcare is a sector that is over-flooded 24/7 and requires assistance with several functions. It incorporates the use of virtual reception to alleviate hassle and to provide timely assistance to patients. A virtual reception helps in scheduling appointments, confirming prescriptions, providing basic information, and directing callers to the right physician or nurse.

Retail and Ecommerce

The retail and E-commerce sector often has a large volume of callers. These services use a virtual receptionist to provide the customer with order updates, track status, managing returns, and connect the callers with the right sales team member or customer support.

Travel and Hospitality

Travel and hospitality services such as airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies frequently use virtual reception to assist with bookings, updating information, confirming, cancellations, providing customer support, and answering questions about policies or processes.

Government Agencies

Government organizations mainly use virtual reception to share public announcements with callers, process documents using self-service features, and provide information about different processes and contact information.

Home Service Businesses

Home services businesses such as roofers, plumbers, landscapers, and electricians widely use virtual reception to remain attentive at job sites knowing that current and new customers are being engaged with and managed. Virtual receptionists provide and document all the necessary information for the home service providers to improve their functionality.

Small Businesses

Many service-oriented small businesses use a virtual receptionist that can quickly answer frequently asked questions regarding hours, availability, and types of services offered.

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