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3 Books For Small Businesses Success

Books for Small Businesses

Every business starts from somewhere and something, from the smallest of the garages to the largest of the buildings. For every single entrepreneur, founder, and innovator books are a meaningful help towards success. For instance, reading books based on studies and guidelines by professionals can teach you about many work issues that might have been harder to deal with in real-time. We at Grasp Solutions have formulated a list of the top 3 books for small businesses success, that we found ideal for ourselves.

1. Strategize to Win

This book “Strategize to Win” is authored by a Wall Street executive Carla A. Harris. The content of it is focused more on individuals who are contemplating a career change. Throughout their academic and professional journeys, many times people encounter doubts or even discover that their interests are contrary to the Profession they chose. In times like these, Harris encourages a certain kind of attitude.

She presents her own experiences as a model to direct behavior in specific situations. She gives advice on how to attract the appropriate kinds of opportunities and advance professional goals. The list of topics that the book covers include leadership, career advancement, networking, and personal branding. A lot of central focus is laid on building relationships and socializing for the sake of exposure. This exposure then allows one to discover the variety of approaches they can take to fulfill their career aims. For example, a relevant quote from her book states,

Strategize to Win Book

“Having as many conversations as possible with as many people as you can about your career aspirations will help you expand your ideas… ”

– Strategize to Win by Carla A. Harris

2. The work

The Work by Wes Moore is a narration in which the author discusses the trajectory of his life. More particularly his personal evolution from a wild youth to a successful entrepreneur. It includes the author’s educational journey as well and his time at military school. Reflecting on his childhood in poverty, Moore draws out a comparison in the plot of this book.

He compares another man named “Wes Moore” who ends up in prison instead highlighting the key differences in the choices of these two individuals who face the exact same circumstances. In this way, the advice from this book helps in making the narrowest of choices. Wes Moore puts a lot of emphasis on how finding meaning in your work is an absolute necessity for an entrepreneur. With the advice that he gives, he is encouraging the striving individuals to almost adopt a certain kind of lifestyle. A quote that reflects his overall approach in the text “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”

The Work by Wes Moore

3. Mindset

Mindset by Carol Dweck is a book that focuses on the power of one’s self-belief and ideas. The effect that this outlook has on the work and success therefore becomes a factor through which Dweck judges what ‘mindset’ is best. In order to elucidate, Dweck uses real-life examples from different fields like education, sports, business etc.

As an expert psychologist, she encourages a ‘growth mindset’ in which an individual allows themselves to go through uncomfortable situations and changes that “stretch them out”. Carol Dweck explores the potential for human growth, arguing that viewing one’s talents and intelligence as fixed constrains one’s potential for development. Mindset has been an ideal book for us as well, it is definitely one of the 3 books for small businesses success.



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